The ultimate guide to growing your Instagram Part. 1

Since Instagram hit the various mobile app stores it has been growing in frankly silly pace. Current statistics say there are about 800 million users at this moment and is expected to grow the coming months and years. Of the 800 registered users are there 200 million daily users which blows any local newspaper away if you want to reach many people with your ads. Instagram has exceeded expectations and is now a lot more important compared to Twitter and maybe even Facebook, depending on the age of your demographic. The first part of this guide or handbook to succeed and grow on Instagram will cover things I think you need to know about Instagram before you get started.

Things you need to know

Timeline 2010 – 2017
Let’s start of with a timeline showing how Instagram has grown since its launch. As you can see below Instagram is growing more and more and has increased from 500 million users to over 700 million users since a lot of people said Instagram wouldn’t be able to grow larger, same thing people said about Facebook and recommended not to buy stock… I think they regret their decision now…

Who uses Instagram?
When I talk to people about the power of Instagram marketing they often belive Instagram is just for kids. If you take a look below at the official key statistics from Instagram you can clearly see that this is not an kids app. You can see that the majority of users are in the age between 18-29 but there is also a lot of activity in the older groups wich means you can find your targeted audience on Instagram.

80% of Users Follow At Least One Business on Instagram

You can have two types of accounts on Instagram, a private account or an organization/company account. The company account allows you to add more information like website & phone number which opens for engagement by the users visiting your company profile.

According to Instagram 60% found out about a company or product and 30% have bought a product or service thanks to finding the company on the application. This can be viewed as leads and sales, essentially what payed advertisement gives you. This means that a company with a well-run Instagram page, I will go over how to run an Instagram in future parts, can gain free traffic that can in best case scenarios lead to sales!

8 million company profiles
If you as a company isn’t established on Instagram its time for you to start because your competition is most likely on there generating leads. In September 2016 there was only 1.6 million company profiles registered on Instagram and right now there is 8 million!

I often give the advice not to follow the hurdle, but sometimes the hurdle is on the right path.
Don’t miss out because you think you won’t be able to handle the technology or won’t be able to find out funny captions to write, don’t worry I will give you advice in the coming parts of the guide.
It’s not only companies making money
If you are reading this and you are looking for increased passive income you shouldn’t be scared away by all the company talk. There are room for passive money-making trough affiliate marketing, paid ads, shoutouts and a lot more. You can promote your links, blog-posts, videos & e-books on Instagram just like a company can promote their products or services. At this moment there is a lot of people living of affiliate marketing on Instagram or just getting some nice extra income from running their Instagram.

Right now there is no reason not to be on Instagram, even if it generates you one sale, it’s a sale that you got completely free which will increase your profit margin by lowering the advertisement cost.
That sale doesn’t necessarily have to be a sale it can be a lead which you get payed for by your affiliate marketing program.

So, now it’s time for you to head over to Instagram and explore so you can get the most out of the coming parts of this Instagram growth guide.

Thank you!


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