How To Start Earning Money With Your Blog!

I assume you have seen another blogger posting pictures of them traveling the world, buying new houses or fast cars, haven’t you?

Stay with me now, if you want the same opportunities as they have, make sure you take the time to read this post.

How do I get started? 
First of all you need a good company to host your blog that supports WordPress, since it’s the most customizable platform available. I suggest Bluehost as  they are one of the largest and secure companies out there. I recommend people new to blogging pick the basic offer and people who know they love you blog will use their money more efficient with the plus or prime offer.

Now it’s time for you to start putting CONTENT on your blog, don’t write about online casinos because you think it will make you the most money! To make passive income over time you must have loyal readers which you get by giving them something. This special something is different for everyone it can be, financial advice, a laugh or post about cats. We are all different and so are you, find your niche in the blog world!

So far, I have only spent money?
I know you are eager to make money and I’m going to tell you.  You can see the website expense as an investment that you will make back and more.

Affiliate marketing is the name of the game and you are the player. Basically, companies are willing to pay you to get people to either buy their products/services or to engage in some way. They will track your links via their affiliate programs that you register for!

Ex. If you are blogging about cats don’t go and look for the highest paying affiliate links and post them all over the blog. If I wanted to read about your lovely cat I’m pretty sure I don’t want an online casino link in my face, right?

It’s simple… What does your audience want? If you can find good quality cat products on Amazon and recommend them to your loyal cat blog readers, they are likely to buy the product because they trust you.

If I posted 28 links to different webhosting companies with the hope of you ordering from one and they giving me some % of the cut this post would look like a spam site, right?And you wouldn’t want that, right?

Instead I post one affiliate link from BLUEHOSTING a company I have used and trust!

Ps. There are a lot more affiliate sites you can use that I will go in depth on in the future!

+ Low initial investment
+ Fast ROI (Return on investment)
+ Combine hobby ex. cat blog with affiliate links to earn extra passive income

– Finding your niche can be hard but very worth it
– Can be hard at first.

Do you really need a conclusion? I’m telling you right now you can get paid by recommend products you like, what more can you ask for?
This is a simple & effective way to earn additional passive income through your blog.

Give it an honest try and turn to me for help or when you want to brag about your progress!

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